Walking Dead season 2

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The Walking Dead has been in awe by fans since the first pictures of the blood thirsty zombies hit the net a few months ago. With so many comic franchises being made into movie’s it’s going to be great to see Walking Dead made an an on going series. As a movie it would just be another zombie flick. Now we get to know all the characters all over again and see the zombie survival guide unfold.

With an six episode first series set to air October 31st just in time for Halloween we can look forward to a second season which has apparently been signed for 12-13 episodes.

If you haven’t read any of Walking Dead and want a super quick catch up with the season one trailer with it’s amazing make-up and special effects for a TV series.

Official AMC Walking Dead Website

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 1, 2010

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