Walking dead season 3 part 2 air dates

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The Walking Dead has taken over the comic industry it’s smashed sales in 2012 and became several of the top selling graphic novels of the year. Most of it was down to the epic writing and art work but a lot of it was due to the revolutionary TV series by AMC.

The air dates and titles for the second part of season three have been released so you have no excuse for missing an episode.

The first half of the series was amazing compared to anything else we have seen on TV this year and the second half is said to be even cooler. Everything has been setup, all the new characters have been introduced and all is left is for us to see the Governor lose it now he has nothing holding him back.

The air dates and episode titles

S03E09 – The Suicide King 10th February
S03E10 – Home 17th February
S03E11 – I Ain’t a Judas 24th February
S03E12 – Clear 3rd March
S03E13 – Arrow on the Doorpost 10th March
S03E14 – Prey 17th March
S03E15 – This Sorrowful Life 24th March
S03E16 – Welcome to the Tombs 31st March

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 7, 2013

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