Walking Dead season 4 to start filming in May 2013

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It’s the most popular scripted TV show in the universe right now, based on Image comics the Walking Dead it’s had a majorly successful two a bit seasons with the third season coming to and end this March.

AMC the network behind the show are eager to start production on season 4 which will start as soon as this May only a few weeks after the current season airs its finale.

One of the reasons the show will start filming so soon might be due to the change in showrunner as Scott M. Gimple has been promoted from producer to head of the show after Glen Mazzara stepped down.

It’s been a fairly predictable series so far if you are familiar with the comics but one thing that’s probably the best kept secret in television history is will the Governor survive the series? With good reviews season 4 could go in any direction when it ends.

In the comics he is killed by a member of his army after they see what he has made them all do as they have killed women and children for no reason. At the moment it looks like it might be Andria who finishes him off or possibly one of the group Rick kicked out of the prison.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 28, 2013

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