Dragon Ball Online MMO

This was released in Korea, China and Japan back in 2010 and has sine become one of the most wanted games int he west for Manga fans. Dragon Ball Online is the official sequel to the worlds most popular manga series and is lead by the original writer himself Akira Toriyama who continues future development of the project.

The game is not yet released in Europe or the US but is still playable thanks to a strong online community of fans who have translated enough to make it playable till the official English version is released.

Like a lot of the MMOs out at the moment it’s a Windows only game but the hardware spec is pretty standard so you shouldn’t have any problem playing it if you can get past the few language barriers.

System Requirements: Requirements in parenthesis are recommended
Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, or greater
CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz or greater (2.4GHz)
Graphics: Geforce4 Ti4200 or Radeon 8500 (Geforce 6200 or X800)
RAM: 512MB or greater (1GB)

In the creation of your player in “Dragon Ball Online, players can select the race and occupation. Game a total of three major races, namely humans, Namek, and the devil/Majin. Different races each have two career options and abilities

To play the game you will need to sign up for an account on Wassabi and download the official game which is about 3 gig at the moment. Again it’s free to play and even if its mainly in a different language it’s going to be fun to see what Akira had planned for a DBZ sequel.

The official Taiwanese site, there are a few others like Hong Kong and Japanese sites but apparently the Taiwanese game is easier to sign up on.

For download links there is a direct HTTP downloa
d, Torrent and a fan made English patch available.

DBO Time line

From what I gather the game starts off 200+ years after the events of DBZ but you travel through the following time eras.

Age Story
749 Wukong and puma encounters. To determine the the Wukong grandfather relics four planet.
Turtle fairy telekinetic pan mountain flame elimination. Puma in the rubble of the Bull Demon King City, which the seven planets.
The seven planets was Bila Fu, who snatched away. Bila Fu set after the call in the full Dragon Ball Dragon, but in the wit of the oolong, do not let it conquer the world desire to succeed. After seeing the full moon to become the great apes Wukong destroyed the Bi Lafu City.
Wukong with Franklin to become a disciple of Master Oogway, after eight months of the two to concentrate on the practice.
750 21st Budokai will be held. Chen to win the championship, Goku won the runner-up.
Wukong, Bila Fu, and RR Army launched a battle for six planet. Bila Fu secret base in the desert among the RR army to get six stars and five planets.
RR army northern stronghold Maas Ruta Wukong are destroyed.
Penguin Village Wukong and the Brooklyn General launched a battle. General last Bruce A Leila to repel.
Wukong defeated in the battle of the Holy Land Carey peach in vain.
Wukong climbed the Kai Lita, to be super holy water from Carey God hands and began to practice Buddhism. Practice on the third day, Goku to grab super-holy water from the hands of Kerry God.
Goku Down with peach in vain, undermines RR Army Headquarters.
753 22nd Budokai will be held. Tianjin rice won the championship. Goku won the runner-up.
BAK evil.
Goku Down with BAK evil. Magic Junior was born.
756 The 23rd Budokai will be held. Goku and Chichi foundation for your marriage. Runner-up is magic juvenile.
761 Pull Emperor hereby came to the earth, when the fierce scuffle with Wukong BAK magic coherent light to kill the gun throughout. Pull Emperor hereby death with two Wukong.
762 Wukong by snakes Road came to the community Wang Xing. Commence practice in the sector Wang Xing.
Total Naha reach Earth. Goku, Gohan, Franklin, BAK, and Dahl, Naha grips. BAK Tianjin, rice, dumplings, Maryam and other deaths.
That the Namek language translation work is completed. Wu rice Brooklyn and puma departure to the Namek.
Dahl, Jiduo La, puma and so on almost the same time to reach Namek.
With the introduction of Dandan, Franklin went to a large Presbyterian family.
The Wukong reach Namek. Jiniu commandos wiped out. BAK resurrection. The Crean death. Goku become Super Saiyan overthrow Vladimir force Sapporo. The Namek been eliminated.
763 Race Lu aboard a time machine to this day and age, latency hiding.
764 Tenant Phoenix Down with the Eph Sapporo father and son came to the Earth.
767 The emergence of artificial people. Pm the same day the game Lu.
BAK and the Earth God fit.
Wukong is sick due to infectious diseases.
Relying on Tenant Alex from the future to bring medicine, Wukong cure infectious diseases.
Race Lu evolve into a full body.
Dandan as the new earth God.
Noon, the race Lu game. The Wukong again death. Gohan overthrow race Lu.
774 25th Budokai will be held. The Wukong be allowed to return to the human world one day.
Magic people Puu. To overthrow the Puu Total blew died. The Magister Bobby embankment Puu killed. Goku transform into Super Saiyan 3. Consume too much power to leave this world earlier than scheduled.
The old community of God king was released from the Z sword of seal. Improve the strength of Gohan ceremony.
BAK, Gotenks, Gohan so Puu absorption. Because of the strength of the Puu all human beings perish. The old king of God’s life in exchange for Wukong resurrection. Dahl has also been allowed to return to this world one day. The bad the Puu eradication of the earth, relying on the power of Dragon Earth resurrection. Dahl, the old world of God and other people back to life. The Wukong relying on all of humanity to give the ultra-life ball Puu to the eradication.
784 28th Budokai will be held. Wukong, together with Uppsala embark on the journey.
790 The Puu Mr. very desirable for the appearance of human love. The impact of the erotic novel by Mr. Satan’s study found that “Bob and Margaret, taboo game, the the Puu birth behind the eyes of the ideal female Puu.
791 The magic human race was born. After reading the “Bob and Margaret taboo game, Puu couple learned the word” wave pop wave pop. Each had taken out a small, mixed-wave pop wave pop, “Nie Yinie, and then the” House of Love light waves irradiated to give birth to a small Puu. The descendants of this Houpu Wu while the family name of “magic”, is considered to be one of the world race.
804 Gohan began to study the battle of the past. “Gas” into the system of Qigong Science.
Gohan because of his father’s death, re-start thinking about a father and have the power, and thus avid in on the source of strength “gas” of academic research. A master of the book “Qigong” has received broad support. Recorded in “Charlie’s steel can be cut off” part of that is considered to have a great impact on the later the birth of fencing home.
805 Tenant Alex Goten began to practice “Qigong fencing.
Be recorded the Gohan Writing, “Qigong,” which “can cut off the thunderbolt of steel!”, Part of the practitioner interested in for fencing, Tenant Alex about the incident with Goten, I feel the sword cool yeah “We have to create a very cool genre it”, after intense practice so their own potential ability to bear fruit, and eventually opened a the Qigong fencing genre.
820 Satan, death, held a grand state funeral.
Vladimir force Sapporo Army residues party attacking the Earth. People on earth to kill their boss on the grounds, publish the declaration to declare war on Earth. All over the acts of sabotage.
The face of the crisis of the Earth, the brave collection side of the turtle fairy with repel the Dover force the Sapporo residual party.
Last struck down the Dover force Sapporo remnant of the party is the people of Brooklyn, Tianjin rice. In order to hide their identity while wearing clothing Saiyan Superman battle, but the qigong fighting technique has become the world’s most popular topic. Reached the highest point of the world for the care of the “gas”.
821 Commissioned by the turtle fairy, Franklin founded a new turtle fairy stream.
From the Monkey King to promote the “Qigong” since the world more and more enthusiastic about the fighting technique using the gas, so there is hope thanks to the immortal turtle as a teacher, once again revive the turtle fairy stream noise. But the turtle fairy to elderly grounds unmoved. But he will pass this mission Brooklyn and Tianjin rice, he asked them, “As the mission of the Earth’s soldiers?” They inherited a turtle fairy will each create a “new turtle cents stream” and “new Hexian flow .
Own practice Tianjin rice officially founded Hexian flow.
834 Gülen magic “Audi magic” was born.
In order to find delicious, interesting things magic people travel around the world. Of them, has been thinking about how to make in order to give joy. Strong ideas of these magic awakened the magic man’s blood, has the uncanny ability to the Gülen magic “and” Audi magic “was born.
851 The new Namek was the the Mira military attacks disappear. Presbyterian Bromley and the other hundreds that bane of people moved to the Earth.
The Namek emigrated to Earth, the the Mira military attack message notification via Dandan King. However, in order to avoid panic and blackout to let the public know. They began to temporarily live in the West are, then moved to the the Bolu Ya boulder Yong Zha Bite Heights, some were kept in the West are to create their own unique culture.
853 Habitat the BAK evil monster created by part is still on Earth. Institute of the City of Bila Fu secretly trained a part of, and later began to reproduce naturally. BAK although found it, but a person can not handle, had a laissez-faire to its growth.
So that Namek moved to Earth, under the proposal of the elders of Bromley, BAK, and part of the Namek capture and protect these monsters. Part of the Namek Namek dragon with a variety of monster began to study the time evolution of the birth of a “wave mentor” Professional.

975 Dandan development of education policy, in order to foster a savior and become the king to allow children to leave their parents in childhood, self-reliance to survive in nature, “the mischievous ghost of education policies. And “Kokkara village” Abbe village “implementation.
990 Dandan at around the configuration wave of stone “.
“Gregg Stone” is to cultivate practitioner, Dandan commissioned the the divination mother set in around the device. You can set back to the venue of fighting which was overthrown. Is set to vow to the ball of stone, the dead body back to the ball of stone before.
991 In the world which opened to the use of weapons and armor Budokai “ultimate fighting” group.
Satan renewed wave of the world Budokai rising popularity. Champion “Monte Carlo” and the 100 robot grips topic. But engineers rebound machine talent is not so weak! ” Finally, among the best in the world Budokai new weapons, armor and robots can be used “ultimate fighting” group.
996 Become a space-time patrol Tenant Alex drove a time machine came now. Inform Mira crisis of existence and the universe.
BAK began to investigate the strange phenomenon on Earth. Learned that the red pants Army, the existence of the of Fuli the Sapporo residues Party, Pa Liya a line with Mira Army.
BAK investigation is completed return to the Dandan report Mira’s threat is approaching Earth. Also known on Earth No soldier can fight against them.
Earth can be the savior, the Dandan God decided to let Pearl resurrection.

Pearl’s function is weaker than in the past (the desire to achieve), so create a set of Dragon Ball, Dandan’s intention is to hope that through the process of contention Pearl allows the practitioner to learn martial arts with each other. Weakening of the Pearl of the effect to be abused to avoid falling into the wrong hands. Create a group Pearl is in order to allow the practitioner to get the Pearl as the target.
1000 Humans, known as the “new soldiers” Namek, Majin race to cultivate a lot of practice. In order to protect the Earth’s surface on the urgent crisis of destruction commenced practice / adventure …

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