Elephantmen vol 1 Wounded Animals

Elephantmen volume 1 : Wounded Animals was released in 2008 and had a die hard cult following since. It’s written by font artist and Sci-Fi comic writer Richard Starkings.

Like a lot of my current reading list it’s part of Image comics current monthly release line-up. Image comics have come up with some amazing titles recently such as Hack-Slash, Artefacts, Witchblade and Walking Dead. Elephantmen is unlike any other comic I have read recently and is a great example why popularity and quality in comics has risen so much in the last few years.

Elephantmen is one of those comics which really pulls you in for the artwork, who wouldn’t love Hippos and Elephants in trench coats followed by an entourage of beautifuly drawn girls from artists such as J Scott Campbell, Moritat, Henry Flint, Tom Scioli, David Hine and Chris Bachalo.

But its not just about the artwork, the whole story deals with genetically modified animals. The Elephantmen deal with living in a very planet of the apes esc world trying to live with humans and be accepted while most of the human population try to understand and do their best to tolerate the genetically enhances soldiers of war.

As described by the author it’s real pulp sci-fi, all the deep story aside it’s based in a world of impossible characters ideas and stories, an evil genius, mutant hippos, rhinos, crocodiles and elephants, a robot frog, cybernetic assassin, hot girls who hang around with misunderstood males, time travel along with a whole pile of action and adventure.

At the moment the series is heading towards it’s 30’s and already has a movie in the making. The book really does have something for every comic fan. It’s a fast paced Sci-Fi epic which could literally go anywhere.

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Posted by Adi Mursec on August 22, 2010


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