Elephantmen Cover Checklist

Over ten years in the making Richard Starkings written some awesome comics in his creator owned series starting with the limited Hip Flask mini series moving on to Elephantmen and War Toys. Throughout the years I don’t think any other comic has had as many epic covers as Elephantmen.

Rich has attracted some of the great cover artists including J Scott Campbell, Ian Churchill, Boo Cook and Ladronn which has made the series worth buying on the covers alone. The epic story about mutants made for war and the hot comic chicks who find them irresistible is just a bonus.

For anyone collecting the issues the earlier Hip Flask ones are obviously a lot more rare now but a few later issues of Elephantmen are being snapped up by collectors and only available at ridiculous prices at the moment. Covers like the J Scott Campbell #18 and Man and Elephantman covers are among the most elusive covers.

A lot of the covers are also tributes to others like the #44 variant by Giarrusso which was a fun remake of Ladronns #1. Ian Churchill also redrew one of his famous Uncanny X-Men covers for his offering to Man and Elephantman issue which is now one of the most popular covers in the series.

The most expensive cover I have seen sold has been the J Scott Campbell #18 as it attracts both Elephantmen fans and J Scott Campbell cover fans. That issue can go for anything between $10 and $100 if signed.

If you need a few issues to complete your collection but of the issues are still available on the official site hipflask.com.

Here’s a link to the full Elephantmen cover checklist.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 15, 2013


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