Mayling Ng thrown from horse while filming Scorpion King

We saw  lot of cool Amazons in the Wonder Woman movie but there was one that stood out for her dedication to the part and doing her own stunts. Although Wonder Woman introduced Mayling Ng to Holllywood many fans will know her for her part as Svietta in Lady Bloodfight a remake of Bloodsport starring Amy Johnston (She’s been the stunt woman for just about every female superhero). If you haven’t seen Lady Bloodsport it’s well worth tracking down.

Mayling Ng has a very unique persona on screen which has helped her build up a good fan base all over the world. She doe’s a lot of her own stunts but a week towards the end of filming the upcoming Scorpion King movie book of Souls she was thrown from a horse and told she may have a career ending injury of a broken hip. But Mayling is as much as warrior off screen as she is on and after further inspection was given the all clear to continue filming a few days after her accident.

I just goes to show how much dedication and hard work actors put into movies. Most people would want weeks off work but knowing she was so close to finish filming shes finishing off the film this week.

Mayling Ng Said:

First take on Saturday for Khensa my horse bucked and threw me head first as we was galloping down, I don’t know how but was told mid air I flipped myself from face down to back, tucked and rolled to my side and hit the ground rump first then shoulder then head luckily I didn’t even know I fell I just remember feeling the ground on the side of my face and waited for the pain to hit… didn’t come?

I didn’t break anything Buddha loves me I stood up dusted myself off and apparently said I can go again they adrenaline was pumping the onset ambulance  took me to hospital where the X-ray showed I may have broken my hip socket that’s where I broke down my health and fitness is everything to me! I stayed overnight for a CT scan next morning and after a 5hr wait just to have the results read(thanks doc my day off/Sunday was )… I’m back on set as Khensa ready for her last week-I’ve never broken a bone in my body I’m so grateful being strong saved me  I AM warrior.

After watching Lady Bloodfight I was excited to see Mayling Ng joining the cast of the Amazons in Wonder Woman, It’s a shame her character died during that beach fight but I hope she makes it back into comic book movies soon. She’s an amazingly talented actress and as close to a real amazonian as you can get.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 4, 2017


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