Wonder Woman 84 opening in UK cinemas 9 days before US release in 2020

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In a surprise Christmas announcement to fans WB/DC have said Wonder Woman 84 will in fact get a 2020 release date. The UK release date is so far set for a December 16th launch with the US getting the movie on the 25th December on HBO Max and also in cinemas across the country.

With news this week that there are several promising Covid vaccines it’s been a week of good news for all.

The movie was originally due to be released in November 2019 but had a few delays to make sure the movie was right and that everyone could see if fairly safely.

Although the UK will get the movie early the US will get to stream the movie a bit sooner. So far no streaming service in the UK has listed the Wonder Woman 84 movie, HBO Max has yet to cross into Europe due to a few shows having licensing with other networks. It’s more than likely that Wonder Woman 84 will hit Amazon Prime Video in the new year with a price around £15-20.

In the UK pretty much all the cinemas have struggled to open their doors this year with Cineworld doing a mass closure. With the release of Wonder Woman 84 which is the only real blockbuster out this year it might help save the struggling industry and give hope to a stronger 2021 for cinemas world wide.

Personally I really respect WB/DC for doing this release, they are going to take a big hit on overall ticket sales for what could be one of their biggest movies of the decade, but for that sacrifice they re going to make a lot of fans happy and really help keep cinemas open.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 19, 2020

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