Official Transformers 3 release date

The first of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies was pretty flawless. It has giant robots, chicks, army stuff it had everything you could want from a movie.

The second movie was a little less cool, yeah it has more chicks and more giant robots but it lacked a solid back story and broke a few rules like reusing robots way too much, I lost count of how many times Contructicon’s got torn apart and showed up in the next scene.

But it has recently been confirmed the third movie will be bigger and better than the other two with hints of having more of the film set on Cybertron. Well lets hope they can pull it off because its set for release July 1st 2011 and that’s one awesome month for comic book movies.

July 2011 is not only the most likely release date for Dark Knight 3 (unconfirmed) but its also close to the confirmed release dates for Green Lantern, Captain America.

So with that said lets hope we don’t see any delays and it really is an awesome time of year for comic book movies.

Full World Wide Transformers 3 Release Dates

North America
United States 1st July 2011
Canada 1st July 2011
Latin America
Argentina 30th June 2011
Brazil 1st July 2011
Chile 30th June 2011
Columbia 1st July 2011
Mexico 1st July 2011
Panama 1st July 2011
Peru 30th June 2011
Venezuela 1st July 2011
Middle East / Africa
Egypt 29 June 2011
Israel 30th June 2011
Lebanon 30th June 2011
South Africa 1st July 2011
United Arab Emirates 30th June 2011
Asia Pacific
Australia 30th June 2011
China TBC
Hong Kong 30th June 2011
India 1st July 2011
Indonesia 1st July 2011
Japan 29 July 2011
Korea 30th June 2011
Singapore 30th June 2011
Malaysia 30th June 2011
New Zealand 30th June 2011
Philippines 1st July 2011
Taiwan 30th June 2011
Thailand 30th June 2011
Austria 1st July 2011
Belgium 29 June 2011
Croatia 30th June 2011
Cyprus 1st July 2011
Czech Republic / Slovakia 30th June 2011
Denmark 30th June 2011
Finland 1st July 2011
France 29 June 2011
Germany 30th June 2011
Greece 30th June 2011
Hungary 30th June 2011
Iceland 1st July 2011
Ireland 1st July 2011
Italy 1st July 2011
Netherlands 30th June 2011
Norway 1st July 2011
Poland 1st July 2011
Portugal 30th June 2011
Romania 1st July 2011
Russia 30th June 2011
Serbia / Montenegro 30th June 2011
Slovenia 30th June 2011
Spain 1st July 2011
Sweden 1st July 2011
Switzerland-French 29 June 2011
Switzerland-German 30th June 2011
Switzerland-Italian 1st July 2011
Turkey 1st July 2011
Ukraine 30th June 2011
United Kingdom 1st July 2011

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 19, 2010


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