Megan Fox cut from Transformers 3

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Transformers 3 should be in filming at the moment but many rumours have surfaced about the star departing from the trilogy’s cast.

Megan Fox was a huge fan favourite from the first movie. She was every Transformers fan’s dream girl. She was hot and she knew a load of killer robots.

Although no super official news has been published nobody has denied the rumours either and it looks like the leading lady from Transformers ad Revenge of the fallen could be replaced.

Hopefully this mean there is time for her to get back to filming the Fathom movie which has been prosponed indefinably.

Top rumours for the split

  1. Michael Bay got sick of her comparing him to the Nazi’s
  2. She put on too much weight
  3. She was too thin
  4. She became allergic to robots

Most likely reasons for the split

  1. She made too much bad press this year
  2. She has signed up to do another film as Transformers 3 was pushed forward.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 23, 2010

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