Superman : Man of Steel

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After a few years of nothing but empty promises and rumours Warner Bros is finally ready to re launch Supermans movie career with help of Christopher Nolan.

For the new project Christopher Nolan will only be a mentor on the project while his brother Jonah Nolan, and David Goyer will be given the task to write the modern take on a classic super hero.

Obviously its awesome news and it’s probably best they waited for the opportunity to get the minds behind Batman Begins and the Dark Knight to make it.

Over the last few years Warner Bros have turned down a few pretty big alternatives to the man of steel movie such as Mark Millers idea to have a trilogy starting from the birth of Superman and ending with his death as an old man. Tim Burton also wanted to get into Superman a few years ago with Nicolas Cage to play the man of steel and the Bryan Singer sequel to Superman Returns.

The release date will likely be summer 2013 for the new movie.

Posted by Adi Mursec on February 27, 2010

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