Sam Raimi’s Spider-man 4 would have featured Mysterio and The Vulture

Back in 2012 we saw the release of Sony’s Amazing Spider-man which rebooted the Spider-man franchise. Within the space of a week Sam Raimi was due to start filming his fourth instalment of the series but in a last minute change of heart Sony decided to reboot.

This was largely thought to be due to the less successful Spider-man 3 which finally brought us Venom to the movies. Since then he has been left out of the movies, I guess because of the fear of letting fans down again.

Concept artist Jeffrey Henderson who worked on The Dark Knight and with Sam Raimi for years has released some of the pre visual artwork which would have pieced together the story. From what Jeffery has said the movie would have started out with a few C and D list villains who wouldn’t have ever made it to be the main bad guy and opened with a big start to markup for the let down of a third movie.

He talked about villains such as Mysterio who is featured in the concept art and would have likely been played by Bruce Campbell as there is a very strong resemblance. Another main villain would have been the Vulture who looks amazing in these storyboards. Even though Venom didn’t live up to fans expectations I think overall Sam Raimi really raised the bar for not only Marvel movies but Comic book movies on a whole. They stayed loyal to the comics but also adapted the characters stories perfectly for a movie format.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 2, 2016


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