Sin City A Dame To Kill For Trailer

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It’s the sequel that was nine years in the making. Sin City 2 is based on the Frank Miller graphic novel A Dame to Kill For. Thanks to the way the Sin City books were made this one allows a lot of the cast from the first movie to return even if they died in the movie.

This year is going to be an amazing year for comic book movies as I don’t think we have had so many epic titles get released in one year along with Captain America, Spider-man and the X-men movie just to name a few. The release date for this one is set for August 22nd 2014.

A Dame To Kill For was a good choice for the second movie but the question now is what material will they use for the third movie as at one point Frank Miller was supposed to return to write another book but that’s been delayed too.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 6, 2014

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