Prometheus Posters

Undoubtedly the biggest sci-fi movie of 2012 if not the decade. Ridley Scott returns to the Alien franchise not to finish it off but to tell us where it started.

With the posters of the movie showing up in cinemas here’s a collection of movie posters from the movie in early development, fan posters and the recent ones you can see in the cinema at the moment.

With a dry few months it’s going to be an epic year for comic book movies. These are among the best posters up there with the Dark Knight Rises one which featured the Superman logo and the all star Avengers one.

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 18, 2011


Alien: Covenant trailer shows off new xenomorphs

The Alien Covenant trailer teases a few new ways to die from the Xenomorphs who are now no longer confined to a space ship and have a whole planet to inhabit.

The Prometheus quadrilogy

Ridley Scott has shared some promising news to fans about the future of the Aliens and Prometheus movies along with the title of the next movie.

Prometheus sequel confirmed

Ridley Scott is back to direct th sequel to Fox’s biggest movie of the year Prometheus. Taking the movie franchise back to the roots the sequel is set to introduce even more aliens.

Prometheus Review

Fresh off the release date here’s a full review of Prometheus with a few minor spoilers. The prequel has reinvented the aliens franchise for a whole new generation.

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