Behind the scenes footage of Dredd

The latest video from the Dredd movie show what goes on behind the scenes and what the original creators of Judge Dredd think of the movie and how Karl Urban plays him.

The behind the scenes clips confirm how much the original creators of Dredd are backing this movie which has so far been described as Die Hard meets Blade Runner.

We also see a few new shots of Lena Headey (Terminator, Game of Thrones) who plays Ma-Ma with some horrific battle scars but still somehow looks stunning.

Being so close to the release date I’m wondering if the movie will be available in 2D, even the IMDB profile says the title of the movie is Dredd 3D. If it is only released in 3D it might be a cinematic first.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 4, 2012


Judge Dredd movie props go up for auction on Ebay

For all the Dredd Heads out there who wanted a piece of the movie a special auction is being held this week with some of the most epic movie props from the movie

Free Dredd 3D Prequel Comic – Top of the world Ma-Ma

Lionsgate have released a free online comic which follows the rise of Ma-Ma in the Judge Dredd universem. It doesn’t spoil the movie so read away.

Judge Dredd Review

When The Matrix, Blade Runner, Die Hard and Game of Death come toegher to make a comic book movie we get Judge Dredd 3D. The onlly 3D movie I could ever reccomend.

HD Judge Dredd Trailer

Lionsgate have sort of released the first trailer for the 2012 Judge Dredd movie. Even in the middle of the comic book movie storm we are in the middle of the moment it’s making waves with fans

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