Top unanswered questions from Civil War

The team behind Captain America : Civil War delivered another amazing Marvel movie which ties together elements from just about every other Marvel Studios movie from the last ten years or so. By doing that it setup the story to the point we already knew who most of the people were and left a lot more room for raw action and story development.

It’s this which makes the Marvel movies truly unique, the fact that everyone already knows the origins, attitudes and relationships between the characters leaving the movies to be all about each story. The only other franchise which I think has managed to accomplish this is probably Star Wars and it’s something the DC movies really need to catch up on.

With Civil War we a lot of questions finally get answered, we now know things like:

Much like a Hyrda agent, when you kill one question, two more rise in their place.

  1. The Vision – Can he still operate without the Mind Gem, from the way he talked about it influencing him and almost being a separate entity it looked like he could live without hit but we will have to wait for the Infinity War to see how it will play out for sure.
  2. Black Panther – What powers does he have and how did he get them. In the comics I think it was from a herb but I’m not sure if this will be how the movies do it.
  3. Iron Man – How will his and Spider-man’s relationship work. It looks like Tony Stark has taken him and with his technology and resources this could be the coolest movie Spider-man we have seen. Could he get his own Iron Spider suit?
  4. Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy – Who will play them in Spider-man homecoming, will they be hotter than Aunt May, doubtful
  5. The Hulk where is he? He missed out on a big battle between his friends. He’s been confirmed for the new Thor movie but we’re not sure what he’s been up to since Age of Ultron.
  6. General Ross, now Secretary of State Ross – What will he do with his floating super human prison.
  7. Captain America – will he be in the Black Panther movie now he’s hiding out in Wakanda.
  8. Nick Fury – Will we see him again? I think this was the first Marvel Studios movie in years which didn’t have at least a post credits scene or cameo from him
  9. Black Widow  – What other secrets did she leak with the S.H.I.E.L.D. files. It was a bit irresponsible of her to dump all of those secrets online, maybe 1% of them were Hydra related but the others must have been national security and files on people like the Avengers.
  10. Zemo – What will happen now he has been captured, will he return as Baron Zemo?
  11. Pepper Potts – Will we see her again? Was she fully cured of the Extremis
  12. James Rhodes now has a damaged spine, much like Tony Stark did in the comics. Could James Rhodes take on that story arch where he needs his armor to walk?

There are probably dozens more questions for fans to find the answers to in the upcoming movies. It’s amazing that just when a movie franchise looks like it’s running out of ideas they make a movie which breathes so much life back into it.

The next two Avengers movies which will include Stephen Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to be amazing, following on from Civil War I don’t know how a movie could fit in any more super heroes.

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 1, 2016


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