Black Widow and Hawkeye face off in Civil War

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The preview trailer as Disneys D23 recently showed off the first proper trailer for what could be Marvels biggest movie yet, Captain America Civil War which is out 2016.

In the movie we get introduced to a whole new loads of characters some good and some bad but the biggest selling point of this movie is that the Avengers will face off against each other. We’ve seen them fight in the last two Avengers movies but in this one Captain Americas side will be hunted by Iron Man and his.

The biggest clash will probably be Black Widow vs Hawkeye. They don’t have super powers but they do have a lot of history and are probably the closest friends and almost like family going off the last Avengers movies. In Civil War they are split on opinions on the registration act. Below are a few short clips and some photos from the leaked D23 trailer for Civil War, hopefully now these are out in the open Marvel Studios will publically release the full version.

The Captain America movies have arguably been the best out of the Marvel movies as they had a lot of personal victories for Steve Rogers and his fight for himself and those around him has pushed him to the limits. In Civil War we will see all the Avengers fighting each other, their own personal demons and a whole load of new super villains.

Hawkeye vs Black WidowCaptain America crossbones fight videoCivil War video

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 30, 2015

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