Captain America Civil War Trailer featuring Spider-man

It’s that month that just keeps on giving. Daredevil season 2, Batman vs Superman and now the first look at Marvel Studios take on Spider-man.

The latest trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War gives away a lot more than just Spider-man and it’s not an accident that they have saved this trailer for a few weeks before BvS.

War Machine: We have seen him unconscious from the first trailer but now we see just how hard he got hit and with that fall could he possibly survive? Any other Marvel movie I’d have said yes. But with the more serious tone behind this one I don’t think he will walk away from this one easily. Maybe they end up using Extrimis or some other sort of miracle cure but either way he looks in bad shape. Either way I doubt he will take a holiday to Tahiti after this one.

Scarlett Witch takes down Vision: This could be the most epic bit of the trailer for me. Ever since the Avengers split up and faced off against each other it looked like Vision would be the decider on this one. He has the most raw power and could kill any other them without much effort. That was back in Avengers Age of Ultron, since then it looks like Scarlett Witch has gained some very powerful skills and is now the most deadly Avenger.

Black Panther: It looks like they also confirmed why Black Panther joined team Iron Man. In the terrorist attack on that conference it looks like Black Panther or a member of his family is hurt.

Winter Soldier: When he went missing after Captain America 2 we assumed he would stay good, but what if the bad guys have captured him once again and turned him into a brain washes assassin again. Whatever happens he ends up taking a gun to Tony Stark as he breaks out his freaking amazing transforming watch to catch a bullet.

Secret Hideout / Prison: We see more of that room Iron Man and Captain America are arguing in, it looked like a new Avengers base but with a wider view of the background we can see its actually a remote super prison. Who will we see locked up in here?

Spider-man: One of the reasons they have saved him for this long might be the choppy CGI. It looks like he needs some more work but overall it’s a good combination of the classic Amazing Spider-man costume and a bit of the Superior Spider-man which had a bit more black.

Last and one of the main reasons to see this movie is Scarlett Johansson’s beautiful hair. I think they finally got the perfect length and volume in this movie.


Posted by Adi Mursec on March 10, 2016


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