Captain America Release date

Marvel have released the full list of official release dates for Captain America. Most kick off at 22nd July 2011.

Captain America has only recently started filming and will be released shortly after Thor. After Captain America we have a nice run up to the Avengers movie.

North America

United States 22nd July 2011
Latin America
Argentina 21st July 2011
Brazil 22nd July 2011
Chile 21st July 2011
Colombia 22nd July 2011
Mexico 22nd July 2011
Panama 22nd July 2011
Peru 21st July 2011
Venezuela 22nd July 2011

Middle East / Africa

Egypt 31 August 2011
Israel 21st July 2011
Lebanon 01 September 2011
South Africa 22nd July 2011
United Arab Emirates 01 September 2011

Asia Pacific

Australia 21st July 2011
Hong Kong 04 August 2011
India 22nd July 2011
Indonesia 22nd July 2011
Japan 14 Oct 2011
Korea 21st July 2011
Singapore 21st July 2011
Malaysia 21st July 2011
New Zealand 21st July 2011
Philippines 22nd July 2011
Taiwan 22nd July 2011
Thailand 21st July 2011


Austria 22nd July 2011
Belgium 20th July 2011
Croatia 21st July 2011
Cyprus 22nd July 2011
Czech Republic / Slovakia 21st July 2011
Denmark 21st July 2011
Finland 22nd July 2011
France 20th July 2011
Germany 21st July 2011
Greece 21st July 2011
Hungary 21st July 2011
Iceland 22nd July 2011
Ireland 21st July 2011
Italy 22nd July 2011
Netherlands 21st July 2011
Norway 22nd July 2011
Poland 22nd July 2011
Portugal 21st July 2011
Romania 22nd July 2011
Russia 21st July 2011
Serbia & Montenegro 21st July 2011
Slovenia 21st July 2011
Spain 22nd July 2011
Sweden 22nd July 2011
Switzerland-French 20th July 2011
Switzerland-German 21st July 2011
Switzerland-Italian 22nd July 2011
Turkey 22nd July 2011
Ukraine 21st July 2011
United Kingdom 22nd July 2011

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 17, 2010


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