Captain America 3 to be based on Civil War

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Last week this sounded like a fan boy rumour but even Civil War author Mark Millar has confirmed it to be true.

Marvel are working on a script to bring Mark Millars Civil War to life as a bases for the Captain America 3 movie. With the current Avengers cast all having contracts ending soon it would be a great opertunity to introduce a whole host of new super heroes into the cinematic universe.

Making a movie based on Civil War could be on the cards and put a few recent rumors to good use.

Rumor 1: Avengers 3 wont have the current Avengers team. This could be likley if Robert Downey Jr’s sixth and last Marvel movie was Captain America 3.

Rumor 2: Spider-man might be in the Marvel Studios franchise thanks to Sony allowing it. This sounded unlikley but if a Civil War movie was planned it would be a great way to introduce him and give Sony more to work with.

Rumor 3: The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes will take over from Steve Rogers as Captain America. This could make sense if Steve gets assasonated the movie as he did in Civil War.

Rumor 4: We might get a World War Hulk movie. This could happen if something happened in Civil War which lead to the Hulk being sent into space.

Rumor 5: Hugh Jackman has mentioned talks for Wolverine to be in the same movie as the Avengers or Spider-man.  It could be that the talks were for Wolverine to be in one movie with them both.

Rumor 6: Marvel have a massive story planned for CA3 as they would need one to go up against Batman Vs Superman as the release dates were set for the same opening week. I can’t think of a bigger story than Civil War for a movie.

As a comic I wasn’t a huge fan of Civil War but as a movie it could be amazing and could easily out do X-Men Days of Future Past as the most ambitious comic book movie to date.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 14, 2014

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