Captain America The Winter Soldier UK Trailer

The Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier UK Trailer has just been released and looks like it could be another mega hit for Marvel movies.

With the first movie beign partly set in WWII most fans expected some flash back sequences or time travel to keep with a familior theme. The trailer on the other hand looks to have modernised Captain America bringing him up to date with some modern major disaster.

It looks like we may lose atleast one more Hellicarrier in this movie leaving us wondering why that was the best design SHIELD could come up with and maybe why Coulson doesn’t trust them in his own TV show.

Looking at the trailer it Marvel wants to keep the fact the Winter Soldier is Captain America’s best friend a bit of a secret. Also for a first trailer trailer it’s got some epic scenes which tease us so much for more. The final trailer will likley havemore Black Widow kicking ass and maybe the origin of the Winter Soldier.

The official Captain America 2 Release date is April 2014 which can’t come soon enough.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 24, 2013


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