Captain America 2 Review

Captain America 2 Review

"A prime example ow why Comic book movies are taking over"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

Firstly this film is by far the best Marvel Studios movie ever made. It kicks so much ass, is pretty much perfect in every way. I’d love to try and find holes in the story but to be honest there wasn’t many and in fact it actually plugs up a lot of holes from other Marvel movies beinging the whole franchise off cross over Avengers movies into order. Although parts of it were slightly predicable atleast 90% of it would surprise even a hard core Marvel movie fan.

Spoilers ahead

This one really flips the Marvel movies upside down and pulls apart the foundations. For the second in the Captain America trillogy it introduces a lot of new characters and does it really well, infact you don’t even know who a lot of them are by the end of the movie leaving us to wait for the next Captain America movie. Right now if I had to put money behind Batman vs Superman or Captain America 3 coming out on top in 2016 I would put all my money on Captain America 3.

The movie is mainly set in present day but has flash backs and a lot of ties to the late 1940s where Steve Rogers became Captain America. It tells us a lot of what happened in between too including how SHIELD was founded and post WWII recruited Hydra scientists who would in time take over SHIELD and kill Howard Stark.

We finally catch up with Peggy Carter too in this movie, we almost cought her in Avengers but a scene was cut to allow our first meeting with her in this movie. We don’t get a lot of answers from her although we do come away with more questions. Looking at her photos she looks to have kids which we haven’t seen yet. Also After Steve Rogers went missing she settled for man who was in his WWII team. We don’t know which one but it’s obviously a bit reveal coming in the next movie.

One of the new bad guys is Baron Von Strucker who gets away at the end has a fist fight with Captain America and actually does pretty well for himself. He ends up leading the new team of baddies who we see in the first of two post credit scenes. He has Loki’s staff from the Avengers which I assume has a the Mind infinity Gem inside it. He also has Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in cells.

The story mainly follows how Hydras sleeper agents have finally found the right time to attack. SHIELD have developed some super hellicarriers armed to the teeth which are programmed to take out anyone who could cause trouble for Hydra including Bruce Banner and Steven Strange aka Dr Strange in his first mention.

So much happens in this movie it’s hard to sum up after one sitting. I’ve talked to a few friends who have also seen it and we all noticed different easter eggs and cunningly hidden parts of the story.This makes the movie so rewatchable I can’t wait to see it a second and tenth time ovet the next few weeks.

As for Captain America this movie has made him super humanised. In the past when we have seen super heroes in movies they are pretty much invincible but in this one if he goes up against someone with a gun he either runs, grabs his sheild or gets short and in some scenes all of the above. It makes this one a lot more realistic than the other movies and with epic special effects and car chases this movie is a lot more palitable than others for the general public who haven’t been reading Avengers comics for years.

We also see another side of Black Widow played by the sexiest woman in te universe Scarlett Johansson. She looks amazing in this movie even though she must have had a lot of stunt and body doubles at points.It’s a strange releationship she has with the Cap, You think they are a couple or getting close but I think the way the Marvel movies are going she seems to be just fllirting with all the Avengers. In some scenes she does appear to have an arrow necklace which may mean she is in a relationship with Hawkeye aka the lame Avenger.

For Nick Fury fans you’re not going to be dissapointed either. He both kicks ass and gets his ass seriously kicked in this movie. SHIELD may be going down but you can’t kill Fury. At the only predicable part in the movie we are told he died from being shot in the back. Obviously this is to throw the assasins of the scent. If Coulson can survive a staff through the heart Nick Fury comes back with avengance.

The Winter Soldier was amazing in this movie and it’s totally plausable that Bucky might take over the Captain America mantle after Chris Evens leaves the franchise after Captain America 3. It turns out when Bucky was captured by Hydra in the first movie they experimented on him and gave him some sort of power which allowed him to survive the fall from the train. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was him who was with Peggy Carter for a few years. He was in Steve Rogers original team and when he was brought back to as the Winter Soldier it looks to have been thanks to Hydra / SHIELD scientists.

The movie also has two post credits scenes. One where we see Baron Von Strucker with Loki’s staff which controls minds and the last one where The Winder Soldier is trying to find out who he was in his past life as Bucky.SHIELD has been wiping his mind for years to make him kill for them. The next movie he is in will be a tale of redemption for sure.

The big question we have post film is what will happen next. SHIELD has been dispanded with it’s good agents moving to the CIA or working for Stark Industries. Hopfully this will make them think about the TV show and some how make it more generally better.

Overall the movie has redefined the Marvel cinematic universe by filling in a lot of gaps the previous movies left open and has pointed the movies into a whole new direction. SHIELD didn’t want the Avengers but now they are all that is left to save the world. I wouldn’t be surprised is Chris Evans won an Oscar for this on.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 27, 2014


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