Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Concept Art

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Normally this kind of concept art is easily recognisable as being fake but this particular picture popped up on the net a few hours ago and seems to have been removed from a few sources.

We all remember the tragedy Batman suffers losing his one true love in the Dark Knight. I’m not talking about Rachel Dawes being blown up but the heart breaking scene where the Batmobile self destructs and gives birth to the Bat-Pod in its last breath.

All the plans for the Tumbler got burnt later on in the movie and in Dark Knight Rises Batman will need some new wheels. One recent rumour was that we may see the Bat-copter but seeing the recent evidence could this be the new Batmobile. Either way its pretty awesome concept art.

Hopefully we wont need to wait till 20th July 2011 release date for the final confirmation and this will be the first of many leaked concept images.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 2, 2011

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