Could Michael Keaton really return as Batman

There have been a lot of rumours going around regarding the future of DC movies. It seems like the brains at WB have realised they haven’t been able to move forward on a lot of DC movies not due to there not being any ideas, but the fact there are too many ideas and they don’t know which path to go down. By Now we should have had another Man of Steel movie, maybe a third with Henry Cavil. Another Justice League movie again, maybe even a third. Cyborg and the Flash could have had their own movies too. Thats just going off what was planned but hadn’t come to be.

The biggest news / major rumour recently has been that Michael Keaton is in early talks to return as Batman. At the moment there hasn’t been any official news or any reliable named source for the news but it’s totally possible. Also even if it was a rumour, the fact it’s gotten so much hype and traction over the last week or so it would have caught the eye of someone at WB who’s made calls to see if they can make it happen.

What would it mean for the movies?

What would stop it from happening?

I think the fans would love Keaton to return as Batman but there are a few things that would prevent it.

Overall I’d love to see Michael Keaton return for another Batman movie but at the moment I wouldn’t put any money on it happening. They still need to confirm if Jeffery Dean Morgan will return as Thomas Wayne/Batman.  Hopefully I’m wrong this time but only time will tell.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 27, 2020


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