Dark Knight Rises Release Date

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Christopher Nolan has taken the Batman movie franchise and sculpted it into some of the best comic book movies of all time.

WB have confirmed the Dark Knight 3 to have a 20th July 2012 release date. It’s a year later than expected but it also opens the the doors to a lot of awesome new possibilities.

We already know the Nolan brothers working on a relaunch of the Superman movies and I’m guessing the delay could be to make room for a cross over for the two comic giants.

DC have had some amazing crossovers with Batman and Superman and with rumours of the Justice League movie it is starting to come together for something that could easily rival Marvels Avengers movie universe which has had some amazing success recently.

Country Date
Italy 18th July 2012
Australia 19th July 2012
Hungary 19th July 2012
Malaysia 19th July 2012
Russia 19th July 2012
Netherlands 19th July 2012
Canada 20th July 2012
Hong Kong 20th July 2012
India 20th July 2012
Spain 20th July 2012
Sweden 20th July 2012
Turkey 20th July 2012
UK 20th July 2012
USA 20th July 2012
Poland 3rd August 2012

Posted by Adi Mursec on May 6, 2010

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