First look at Batman – Under the hood

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DC has made some awesome movies and cartoons in recent years of its major names and the team behind Batman/Superman public enemies, Green Lantern – First Flight and Wonder woman are back with one of the most memorable Batman stories Under the hood.

The story follows on from Death in the family which is probably the one classic Batman story which is still widely in print and where Batman left his blue tights behind to become the Dark Knight we know and love today.

Red Hood Cast

  • Jensen Ackles (Super Natural) – Red hood
  • Bruce Greenwood – Bruce Wayne
  • Neil Patrick Harris – Night Wing
  • Brandon Vietti – Director
  • Judd winick – Writer
  • Bruce Timm – Produce
  • Gregory Noveck – Creative affairs
  • Alan Burnett – Co-producer
  • Andrea Romano – Casting and voice director

It starts with the end of Death in the family which featured some icon scenes with Jason Todd’s death at the hand of the Joker. If you haven’t read it yet I defiantly recommend it. Several years after Jason’s murder Batman is firmly the Dark Knight and blames himself for Jason’s death which was at the hands of the Joker.

The red hood shows up in town and starts taking down gangsters and criminals which have escaped Batman because of his code of conduct.

Either way The Red Hood kicks some major bad guy ass in the comic meaning this cartoon is going to be a lot darker than the other recent DC cartoons. With most of the production staff being fans of the original animated TV series it will likely reflect the original type of dark artwork.

Release date summer 2010.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 16, 2010

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