Aquaman release date pushed back

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Warner Bros has announced the release date for the upcoming Aquaman movie has been pushed back from October 5th 2018 to December 21st, over two months into a premium movie slot.

A December release date is usually really good for a family movie, the end of the month has extended holidays due to Christmas and New Year, this has made it a popular release window for Disney in recently years but 2018 they have moved the Han Solo movie to May 2018 which was a lot sooner than expected but will extend the Star Wasrs hype as it’s only a few months after episode VIII

It does leave us wondering what the overall tone of the Aquaman movie will be. After the gritty tone of BvS got a lot of criticism I’d expect WB want to lighten up all their movies.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 16, 2017

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