Amber Heard looks amazing as Mera queen of Atlantis

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The Justice League movie has finished filming in London but production looks to have moved to Iceland for a few shots of Aquaman and possible to film more of that fishing town he shows up in during the trailer.

Now although the scenes they are filming are said to be for the Justice League movie it’s likely some of the scenes they film for Justice League will overlap in the upcoming Aquaman movie. The DC movies are a lot more connected than the Marvel ones. It’s like one big story with each movie overlapping and crossing over with each other.

So far the Justice League movie looks to really improve on Batman Vs Superman’s production, firstly it looks to be being filmed on time or ahead of schedule. BvS seemed to be delayed a good year or so. They also seem to have really hit the nail on the head with casting from what we’ve seen in the trailer. It might be the costume but so far Amber Heard looks amazing As Mera the Queen of Atlantis. Between her and Lois Lane they are representing the redheads in DC comics well.

To fit so many characters into the Justice League movie is an ambitious goal especially since it’s going to be released before some of the League have had their solo movies. It’s that which makes me thing some of these scenes in Iceland might be more for the Aquaman movie instead of Justice League. Either way I hope they give Mera enough screen time as they must have spent a long time in getting this character just right.

If you aren’t too familiar with the character she recently appeared in the animated movie Flashpoint Paradox which is an amazing cartoon where she goes up against Wonder Woman. It’s based on the comic which inspired the current Flash TV series arc.

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 12, 2016

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