Aquaman movie review

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The Aquaman movie is a massive milestone for DC movies as it’s critically the biggest success of the recent movies which makes me think maybe DC do better movies when the heroes are solo as the team up movies just don’t seem to have cut it, even the super anticipated Batman vs Superman and Justice League movies didn’t get the greatest reviews.

Aquaman brings together an unexpected but great cast featuring Game of Thrones Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard (Three Days to Kill) who aren’t the biggest Hollywood actors but after this movie they could easily become bigger stars. I just hope DC can keep hold of them both to make many more Aquaman movies.

The cast continues with the likes of Willem Dafoe who plays Vulko a mysterious mentor to Aquaman when his mother Atlanna played by Nicole Kidman goes missing and is presumed dead for trying to lead a life not meant for her. We also see Patrick Wilson return to DC movies from playing the Nite Owl in Watchmen and the original Punisher Dolph Lundgren show up. The whole movie cast is amazing and full of well known actors which is an approach we haven’t seen in many DC movies.

The overall story is very well put together as they cover the origin and a massive introduction to Aquamans world by exploring the many races of people who live under the sea. I can’t imagine how much work has gone into this movie, the story just seemed so well rounded and developed. It wasn’t overly complicated or anything but really teased what could be the first of many mew movies based on the kind of the sea.

My only worry I have is that DC really need to pull their act together and make more epic movies. They have had titles like Batman vs Superman and Justice League which had so much potential but let everyone down, then comes Aquaman which nobody expected much from but delivered more then Batman vs Superman and Justice League put together.

I’m looking forward to seeing from everyone involved in this movie. Mamoa had a lot of respect for the character and did an amazing job, I’ve thought for a long time that Amber Heard was very underrated and this film will hopefully open the doors to a lot more movies with her in and James Wan who directed it did an amazing job, he’s working on a Swampthing TV series too which I’m going to be looking forward to.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 15, 2019

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