Titans season 3 episodes 1-3 review

Titans season 3 episodes 1-3 review

"Titans has delivered more action in the first three episodes than most shows have in three seasons."

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

I’m not sure why HBO decided to release the first three episodes of Titans together but they have to be the best opening three episodes of any comic book show in history. Well as far as I can remember anyway.

Looking back at both the first and second season they were very well put together with great character development and the overall selection of team members has been amazing.  In season 2 the Titans team started to break up a little and with the loss of Donna Troy and separation of Raven and Jason Todd.

Season three takes off a little while after where the team seem to have pretty much taken out all the major crime in San Francisco.

Jason Todd meanwhile has rejoined Batman in Gotham, but while Bruce is out of town Todd gets the opportunity to hunt down the Joker. Bruce tells him to to stand back knowing how dangerous the Joker is but Todd bring the rebellious cocky teenager he is decides to face the Joker alone.

Those those who have read the DC graphic novel A Death in the Family, you will know how this pans out. Todd is killed as the Joker gets the jump on him and beats him to death with a crowbar. It’s a bit different to the comics but the sentiment is there. I think fans of the comics will be ok with it as you know how it went and if the show played it out like that it would take a few episodes and everyone would know how it ends, instead the show just goes from zero to sixty and Jason is dead within what seems a few minutes.

Dick Grayson visits Bruce the next morning to find he’s already buried Todd is on the lookout for a new Robin. I do love how they brought Batman into the show he’s just perfect for both. Bruce Wayne and Batman. I think thats what some of the Batman movies failed on, they didn’t give Bruce enough screen time and they were just Batman fighting and driving around Gotham. Seeing more of the Bruce Wayne side of Batman in the show is a great angle.

Now they don’t seem to have done the whole Ras ‘Al Goul resurrection of Jason Todd but the Red Hood does show up in Gotham and takes over pretty quickly. It’s a very well done Red Hood, just like I imagined him when reading the comics.

The development and care the production team and writers have given this show is amazing, it’s very underrated and totally tops any show I’ve seen from CW. It’s up there with Smallville and that first season of Daredevil.

The characters are so well portraid and aren’t over done or stretched out. I like how constantly good the show is,  it’s not like it’s one of those shows that has one or two. good episodes per season, it’s all grade A awesome. I think this is thanks to the wealth of characters and taking material from the comics. It’s like a lot of shows seem to run out of material after a few episodes but for Titans the writers have gone through 40 years of comics, taken out the best bits and filming it with an amazing cast.

Over all it’s an amazing start to the season,  they have taken the whole Jason Toff story in and ran with it at full speed and its only the start. I think the rest of the season will focus on each of the other characters too and from the promos I’ve seen we will see a return of Donna Troy and Raven at some point. With Batman out of Gotham and the Titans setting up there is so much possibility for this show.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 13, 2021


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