Michael Keatons Batman made the new Flash suit

This weekend WB have their own DC comics online convention where they release all the info fans have been waiting all year for. From watching the first few hours its actually been pretty great, it almost feels like you’re at an actual live convention which I think a lot of people have wanted to experience all year.

With Caronavirus delaying a lot of production along with the release of Wonder Woman 2 it’s been a dull year for most fans but it’s nice to know people are still working behind the scenes on the movies like James Gunn editing the Suicide Squad sequel which also looks amazing.

One of the biggest easter eggs I’ve seen so far was part of the Flash movie section of DC Fandome. There was a lot of talk from the cast and crew, it was great to see Ezra getting closer to the Barry Allen character we know from the comics. During the section Director AndrĂ©s Muschietti showed off a bit of concept art including a new costume.

The costume is dark but eliminates light throughout, it’s said that Batman makes his new costume and you’d think it was the Ben Affleck version since he’s in the same universe but in the same piece of concept art we can clearly see it’s not Ben Affleck but Michael Keaton’s Batman in the concept art.

Personally I think this is huge, mainly because it backs up all the so far rumours that Michael Keaton was returning to play Batman, we haven’t heard any official news about it but the concept art is pretty clear.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 22, 2020


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