MCM Liverpool 2017 #mcmlvp17

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The team behind MCM Expo have done an amazing job of setting up conventions up and down the UK, they have given the opportunity to thousands of people to just geek out for a weekend and have fun.

This was my first year at MCM Liverpool as it’s a fairly new location for them but looks to have really gathered a lot of momentum. It was also the first time with a retailer pass as I was a guest of Subversive Comics who have helped develop the Super Robot Mayhem comic. It was a real eye opener into the world of indie comics and also gave me a chance to talk to a lot of visitors to the convention and talk about the weekend and their cosplay.

One thing I love about comic cons is the fact they appeal to everyone, I saw people of all ages and all backgrounds just having fun and more than willing to have a chat. I can’t think of any other environment that unifies the world than a comic con. It’s like everyone you meet is just happy and more than willing to make friends.

Talking to other people in the Comic Village was a lot of fun too. It’s hard work from setting up for the convention all the way to packing up and there is so much passion for the comic industry which shines through their work. You can tell from meeting them how much it means to them to meet the fans and have a chat about drawing and writing comics.

I’m an annual visitor to MCM Manchester comic con an in comparison this was just as much fun and I think for people who can’t wait a year for the next MCM Manchester, Liverpool is a great half way point. If anything I’d say MCM Liverpool felt a little better paced due to the space available and the layout. The guests were great too as I even got to meet Sam J Jones the original Flash Gordon and Vic Mignogna both of whom and perfect for events like this as they have so much energy to just keep welcoming fans throughout the weekend and are total legends. They also had a few cast members from Red Dwarf and the original Starsky & Hutch. For for a fairly new convention they managed to attract some pretty big guests.

There was also a great selection of retailers, two stalls that just sold Gundams, an official Tamashii Nations stall which fun to visit, a few shops selling vintage games and toys. It was nice to see support from a few comic shops like Forbidden Planet and Travelling Man along with a few independent retailers selling comics. So overall there was something for everyone.

Travel wise it’s a very easy convention to get to, it was a 15 minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street train station, there are a lot of hotels near by and with it being fairly central there was a lot to do if you wanted take a break from the convention for a few hours.

Since Manchester MCM started people have wanted it to be made a twice a year convention but I’d just recommend trying Liverpool, it was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be back next year.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 12, 2017

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