All the SDCC 2017 trailers and teasers

This years San Diego Comic Con was one of the biggest and best yet for trailer and teaser previews. We’re coming into what could be a peak for live action comic incarnations as it’s getting hard to keep track of them all.

The first big release from SDCC 2-17 was the drop of the Justice League trailer, fans have been speculating a lot about this highly anticipated movie and the trailer that WB debuted didn’t disappoint. It featured all the league kicking some major ass.

Another major hit was Thor: Ragnarok which delivered a lot of previously unseen footage. If the trailer reminds you a little of the Guardians of the Galaxy tone don’t worry I think it’s intentional. Without giving away too many spoilers this movie leaves Thor in the path of the Guardians before they move to Earth to join the battle against Thanos. It’s likely Thor could even be in the next Guardians movie.

The Inhumans trailer looks to have excited a lot of fans too. It’s no wonder Marvel decided to move away from the movie and make a TV series instead, although with the special effects and stunts we can see it looks like they have gone for the movie type action so it will fit into the Marvel cinematic universe pretty well. The fast look spot on and I’m really looking forward to seeing this one. I’ve not been a fan of S.H.I.E.L.D but maybe this show will make me want to catch up again.

The Defenders: I’m not sure how Netflix have managed to put together such an amazing set of series but it’s totally jaw dropping. It started with the Daredevil and has grown into this beacon of how serialised comic book series should be made. Year CW have done a great job too ever since Smallville but I’ve the adult tones and realism in the Netflix shows.

Avengers Infinity War: This has been Marvels hidden gem since D23 but when there is so much demand for something on the internet it will eventually find a way. Although watch with a warning, it’s cool but there is a little spoiler to how Thor 3 will end.

Death Note : I’m a fan of the manga and although this looks very different it’s totally understandable as to why. The manga was a pretty long and detailed story to try to fit it all into one live action series would be a lot of work. Much like the Akira anime, it was epic but missed so much material compared to the manga and still worked well. Also William Dafoe sounds amazing in this. Well done Netflix on the casting.

Star Trek Discovery: Another one from Netflix, so far so good. With the movies losing traction with fans I think this series will really breath life back into the franchise.

Lucifer season 3: The first two seasons have been a big hit with fans, carving their way into a pretty dedicated fan base. It’s nice to see a show do so well that was based on a comic but doesn’t need to shout that at ever ad break or scene cut. Considering shows like Constantine didn’t make it to a second season I think the crew behind Lucifer should be very proud on that they have created with this awesome show.

Stranger Things Season 2: This looks amazing, I wasn’t sure where they could take the show after the first epic series but they look to have upped their game.

Arrow : Doesn’t seem to give much away as to who survived the last season finale but from what reports say at least one of the team didn’t make it.


Legends of Tomorrow

Supergirl season 3


Black Lightening: A new series from CW which looks pretty good so far, I love how they have incorporated the original incarnation of the character and a more evolved modern day costume too.


Posted by Adi Mursec on July 23, 2017


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