The Magic Order volume 1 review

The Magic Order volume 1 review

"Mark Millar has built another amazing world"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

I haven’t read any of Mark Millar’s books for a long and overdue time, some of my favourite DC and Marvel stories like Red Son and the Ultimates came from his great story telling mind but I think the last series I read of his was Huck which was an amazing and innovative new story.

I’ve decided to try and catch up on some of his work starting with The Magic Order and read volume one before the second starts.

When I picked this up I wasn’t expecting to read it all in one sitting but I just couldn’t put it down. I got a bit of a familiar feeling when reading this series. It felt like Wanted 2.0, it’s based in a world with these magic underground heroes who work in the shadows saving the world but it’s also a story about family relationships and loss.

Mark has done what he does best and always has, he’s created The Magic Order and introduced so much content in this one book. The world building he does in his books is almost unrivalled. In this six issue book we are introduced to this team of magicians who save the world from supernatural threats with their unique powers, their family connections, a vast amount of their history and origin along with concepts how they use their gifts.

They aren’t just superheroes that fly around at super speed. Mark has built a world where one character an expert escapologist who started out by escaping her own abortion while someone else gets interrogated by being sent into horrifying books. There has been a lot of thought on not just what powers the members of the Magic Order have but how they use them. The fact by the end of the six well written issues I feel like I’ve been reading about these characters for years I know them so well.

The Magic Order isn’t just Mark Millar though, The artwork is done by Oliver Coipel who has done an amazing job of illustrating this magic world full of monsters and history. The artwork is so consistent and produced to such a high standard which I helps set the tone and really compliment the story. I’m not sure how close they worked together on the book but there is a lot of synergy going on.

The artwork is then compliment by Dave Stewart who has brought some amazing colouring work into the book which again set the tone of the book, you know when something sinister is going to happen before you’ve even started reading the page just from the colour pallet, even thing like the texture in clothing pops out from the artwork and colouring work.

Even the lettering in the book is expertly placed with spacing and speech bubble tails lined up to perfection. I know lettering doesn’t always get the credit it deserved but I think it can make or break a comic. Peter Doherty is a true master in the art.

Overall The Magic Order is an amazing book and I’m looking forward to reading the second volume and catching up with more of Marks work.


Posted by Adi Mursec on October 25, 2021


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