The stuff of legends

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Every now and then an Indie comics comes up which goes beyond just being something new and is just brilliant. The stuff of legends is defiantly a well thought out easy to read and yet highly impressive book.

The story is based in a war filled 1944 and new battle between good and evil is about to start. It’s like Toy Story meets Saving private Ryan. The story of a boy taken into the darkness of his cupboard by the boogeyman for unknown reasons and it is left to a loyal band of toys to save him from his worst nightmare.

The heroic toys are at first sceptical and divided, some say the boy must be saved where as others know that nobody returns from the dark side in the boogeymans empire.
A toy soldier who thinks he is invincible and is known only as the Colonel creates a band of brothers to go into the cupboard to save the boy.

Overall the Stuff of Legends is easy to read and a great page turner, the artwork is original and you can tell has had a lot of thought into everything. The first issue was part of FCBD and the second issue should be available this September.

The comic is produced by Th3rdWorld Studios who are definitely a company to watch. They have had a few publications which have all had great success.

Posted by Adi Mursec on September 13, 2009

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