Sin City #6 – Booze, Broads, & Bullets

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Booze, Broads, & Bullets is the sixth book in Frank Millers Sin City series. It’s a collection of short stories which take place through the same time line of all the other books. Marv is back!

If you remember the last scene in the movie with Josh Hartnett on the roof you already have a taste of what’s in the sixth book. Obviously the movie left everybody wanting more and if you only want to pick up one Sin City book so far I would highly recommend this one. It’s left unspoilt by the movie so far.

Another awesome reason to read this one is the introduction you have to the classic characters like Marv, Nancy and the girls from Old Town. You also get introduced to a few others which will hopefully be in the next movie like Delia the blue eyed assassin.

I’d have loved to see more Hartigan from in the series but so far he is contained in That Yellow Bastard which is still the darkest of all the books so far.

Stories Included

  • Just Another Saturday Night (Sin City #1/2)
  • Fat Man and Little Boy (Lost, Lonely, & Lethal)
  • The Customer is Always Right (The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories)
  • Silent Night (Silent Night)
  • And Behind Door Number Three? (The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories)
  • Blue Eyes (Lost, Lonely, & Lethal)
  • Rats (Lost, Lonely, & Lethal)
  • Daddy’s Little Girl (A Decade of Dark Horse #1 and also reprinted in Tales to Offend #1)
  • Wrong Turn (Sex & Violence)
  • Wrong Track (Sex & Violence)
  • The Babe Wore Red (The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories)

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 23, 2010

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