Mark Millar’s – The Magic Order volume 2 review

Mark Millar’s – The Magic Order volume 2 review

"Harry Potter meets the The Sopranos one of Mark Millar's best series yet"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

Over the years Mark Millar has become one of the most iconic writers in the industry, his work has inspired a lot of other young writers and has also been the source material for some of the best bits of the MCU. One of the things I love about his work is how diverse his comics are, he can write A-list comics for Marvel and DC but his work really shines with his creator-owned book.

The Magic Order series is kinds of a mix of Harry Potter meets the Sopranos is a magic-fueled battle of the families.

Volume 2 collects six issues of the Magic Order written by Mark Millar (Civil War, Old Man Logan, Kick-Ass) with art by Stuart Immonen (Empress, Ultimate X-Men, The New Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man) who make an excellent team in bringing this book to life.

The story starts off with a small gathering with some of the descendants of Soren Korne a once-powerful sorcerer who a thousand years ago ruled the world. He was overthrown by the Magic Order which now takes care of the world and protects it from evil magic.

Today the Magic Order is run by Cordelia Moonstone who I just love as a character. She’s like Buffy and Jessica Jones roled into one. I love how Mark writes his female superheroes. He’s not creating another comic pin-up, he’s creating characters who have really inspirational personalities.

The Magic Order 2 is just all of the awesome scenes in every issue, the artwork Stuart creates is so in line with the story it’s like it’s drawn and written by the same creative genius. The way they bring this magic universe to life is just extraordinary, there are so many pages and panels in this book I wish I could print out on A1 posters and place them around Super Robot Mayhem HQ.

Mark has an amazing ability to world build in his comics, the one he’s built for The Magic Order is huge as it spans through a vast timeline of multiple families and different dimensions. It amazes me how much he’s managed to fit into two volumes of the Magic Order.

My only problem is that I wish there was more.

Overall The Magic Order volume 2 is an unmissable story, it’s such a fun read and full of beautiful artwork.

Magic order 2 will be available May 25th 2022 in most comic shops and online.



Posted by Adi Mursec on March 30, 2022


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