Kick Ass 2 issue 3 Review

It’s been about six months since the long sold out issue two was out so it might be worth starting with a bit of a refresher.

So far in Kick-Ass 2 the story has jumped six months ahead. Mindy aka Hit-Girl has retired from the super hero game, Kick-Ass has inspired dozens of other have a go super heroes and has just joined up with one group called Justice Forever.

Personally I still think Millar’s best creator owned work so far is Superior but this definitely takes Kick-Ass first volume’s story onto a whole new level. The characters have gotten stronger, the need for heroes has grown as the villains have gotten a lot more brutal.

The issue started with the Justice Forever team. They take out a few bad guys with a bit of humour incorporated. Kick-Ass tries to recruit Mindy again but she’s still very against the whole playing hero idea after what happened to her father.

Enter the bad guys aka “The toxic Mega Cunts”. Lead by the villain formally known as Red Mist find where Justice Forever hang out and enter Millar’s un-caged twisted creative mind.

Overall it was a pretty cool issue. I hope the series continues on time and there are still three more issues to wow and confuse fans in a good way.

Kick-Ass volume 2 issue 4 is due out in September with issue 5 in November and 6 out for December.

Word from the Great Mark Millar

Kick-Ass is 3 volumes and there’s 2 volumes of Hit-Girl 2. Five books in total and then no more.

Posted by Adi Mursec on August 27, 2011


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