Kick Ass volume 2 #1

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The first volume of Kick Ass moves at an awesome pace. We saw the introduction of a hand full of wannabe super heroes. Each vigilante had there own back story and issues to deal with.

Volume 2 starts at a running pace, Kick-Ass is getting training from Hit-Girl and gets his ass kicked a lot less in this issue.

The first issues give away a load of spoilers to set the scene for the second volume too. In later issues Kick-Ass 2 “Balls to the wall” will get his secret identity leaked and in turn his house gets blown up.

Red Mist forms a gang of thug like masked villains and we see the start of the “Justice Forever” a super hero group which recruits Kick Ass.

One of the cool additions with this issue is the extras in the back. You get to see creation process from John Romite Jr’s initial sketch in huge detail to pull out the dimensions and step away from the 2d page. The next page goes on to tom Palmer’s work with the ink lines and then follows with a page with ink wash and tweaks in Photoshop, then concludes with the final coloured page.

I can’t mention Kick-Ass without mentioning the movies. Nothing has been set in stone yet from what I have heard but Matthew Vaughn will return to direct and his current movie, X-men : First class will finish filming early 2011 and Kick-ass will likely go into production for then

Posted by Adi Mursec on October 23, 2010

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