Comics Out this week – Wednesday 26th of December 2018

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It’s a slow week for comics but there are a few nice issues to pickup, one of which is Marvels X-Force #1.

On December 26, writer Ed Brisson and artist Dylan Burnett team up for a new ongoing series that reunites the squad…for vengeance. The mutants rise from the ashes of EXTERMINATION to hunt down Cable’s killer. But when their target is the time-traveling younger version of their fallen leader, is there a line they absolutely cannot cross? And what does Deathlok have to do with it all?

Premier Publishers

Boom! Studios

Bone Parish #5 $3.99
Bone Parish #5 (of 12) Foc Crook Incv $3.99
Bone Parish (TPB) Vol 01 Discover Now Edition $14.99

Dark Horse Comics

Hellboy And Bprd 1956 #2 (of 5) $3.99

Dc Comics

Batman Beyond (TPB) Vol 04 Target Batman $14.99
Green Arrow War Of The Clans Essential Edition Tp $29.99
Nightwing (TPB) Vol 07 The Bleeding Edge $19.99
Superman Rebirth Dlx Coll (Hard Back) Book 03 $34.99


Mars Attacks #3 Cvr A Francavilla $3.99
Mars Attacks #3 Cvr B Coleman $3.99
Mars Attacks #3 Cvr C Marron $3.99
Mars Attacks #3 Cvr D Hack $3.99
Mars Attacks #3 Cvr E Schweizer Sub Var $3.99

Idw Publishing

Go-bots #2 Cvr A Scioli $3.99
Go-bots #2 Cvr B Shaw $3.99
Marvel Action Avengers #1 Sommariva $3.99

Image Comics

Die Die Die #6 (Mature) $3.99
Man-eaters #4 $3.99

Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four #5 $7.99
Superior Spider-man #1 Djurdjevic Fantastic Four Villains Va $3.99
Superior Spider-man #1 Sg $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #7 $3.99
Uncanny X-men #7 Christopher Action Figure Var $3.99
X-force #1 $4.99
X-force #1 Djurdjevic Fantastic Four Villains Var $4.99

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 19, 2018

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