The Wolverine Full Trailer

When the first Wolverine movie was announced it sounded like someone had taken the best bit of all three X-men movies and consentrated it into one epic bloody movie. In reality when it was released it bombed out in two main ways, firstly it didn’t complement any of the comics and two is was too taim in terms of the action. It could have introduced us to loads of spin of movies as it had brought a handfull of new mutants including Gambit to the movie world.

Moving into a whole new direction the upcoming “The Wolverine” movie is set to put right what once went wrong. This new trailer shows how much Marvel Studioes have learnt and looks amazing.

The cast looks awesome, the special effects are well executed and the story looks amazing. Putting Wolverine up against dozens of Ninjas and the Silver Samurai it would be one of the biggest Marvel comics movies in production and one of the best to be released this year.

Posted by Adi Mursec on April 1, 2013


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