Is Xavier a figment in Wolverines imagination?

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The last Wolverine movie looks like no other super hero movies we’ve seen before. The writers of the movie wanted to do something different which wasn’t the typical save the world story we’ve seen in every other comic book movies. This one has more of family vibe which makes it a lot more personal to Wolverine.

With this being pitched as the last ever Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie it’s going to be pretty final. This gives means it doesn’t matter where they leave it. They can do anything including killing off every other super hero in Marvel Comics.

From what we know so far this is based in the new timeline but could be set years after the time that Age of Apocalypse was set. We know Wolverine is old, all the other X-men / Mutants seem to be dead. How is Professor Xavier still alive? He was the oldest of all of the X-men and still seems to be going when Wolverine is getting old, even with his slower ageing.

Considering we only seen Xavier talk to Logan in the trailer it makes me think. Is Xavier already dead at the start of the Logan movie but has either a figment of Logan’s imagination crafted by guilt or possibly a remnant of Xavier’s consciousness which he transferred to Logan before he died. This was one route they played with in the post credits scene at the end of X-Men: Last Stand which is how he survived being torn apart be Jean Grey.

It would be a very cool twist to the movie which already looks like the Taken of super hero movies. Throw a bit of the Sixth Sense in there and we might have an Award Winning movie.

Posted by Adi Mursec on November 1, 2016

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