Logan movie review

Logan movie review

"The best X-men movie yet - gritty, violent and shockingly good"

5/5 Reviewed by Adi Mursec

Once every five or ten years you get a comic book movie which breaks the breaks the mould and goes where no other movie has gone before. It’s a daring move as you never know is the audience is going to love or hate it. Logan is that movie and I think it’s going to leave fans of Wolverine very sad that this could be the last Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie.

Timeline wise you may as well forget about trying to see where this movie fits in the timeline, it’s later on but also sits in its own universe, a much more realistic universe than we have seen in any other X-men movie. It’s almost like Batman begins but with super powers and a lot more gore.

It sits in a world which is almost apocalyptic, at least to the mutants, humans are fine but they now live in a world where some sort of event has wiped out all the mutants. This leave the movie in a good setting to just focus on the main characters. It’s far from the first Wolverine movie where they just tried to fit in as many mutants as they could.

With all mutants on the brinks of extinction a secret lab has decided to make their own using old mutant DNA. It’s up to a reluctant and very old Professor X to fix things.

James Mangold who directed the second Wolverine movie has returned this this one and he’s used a similar formula although he has evolved it as I guess the audience has become a little more desensortised. One question a lot of people are asking is if Jackman will return as Wolverine but right now I’m wondering which studio will snap up James Mangold to reboot another comic book franchise. He’s obviously done his research, you can tell when a director / writer has actually read a comic. I think Mangold has read a lot of Wolverine comics to be able to understand the character like he does.

There are so many things that make this a great movie but I still think due to it’s originality it’s not going to win everyone over. For those people going to the cinema expecting another Marvel Studios movie will probably very shocked, this one pulls no punches and probably should have been an 18+ movie. It doesn’t leave you with a happy feeling you leave the cinema, it’s a pretty rough ride and will leave a lot of people in tears at the end.

Sometimes I wonder if good comics can influence movies, will good movies like this influence the comics. This movie has done something really original and I’m now a huge James Mangold fan.

Where does it leave us now, this is a stand along movie in a new universe, I don’t think we will revisit it but as it closes a lot of doors in terms of there not being any original mutants, it leaves a lot of doors open and has introduced us to new characters like X-23 the daughter of Wolverine which I think people will be screaming out for more of. I love Hugh Jackman’s take on Wolverine but after ths movie I’ve seen what I need to of him and really just want to see what happens to X-23 and her friends.

I think we have one more X-men movie with Mister Sinister and after that I’ve heard Fox are doing a full reboot on the franchise. We also have Legion on TV at the moment and another X-men TV show in the works. I hope they all take a little from the tone flow of this movie.

Overall I loved the movie but it was also one of the saddest, shocking and violent comic book movies I’ve seen. If this is Jackman’s last Wolverine movie it was a good send off.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 4, 2017


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