Scott Pilgrim release date

With all the hype about the Avengers movie recently it would be easy to miss the dark horse of this years comic book movies Scott Pilgrim.

The Scott Pilgrim release date runs from 6th August onwards for several months. I’m not sure who the release date would be split up but it may be due to general popularity of the comics.

Country Date
UK 6th August 2010
Ireland 13th August 2010
Canada 13th August 2010
Italy 13th August 2010
USA 13th August 2010
Australia 12th August 2010
Iceland 27th August 2010
Spain 24th August 2010
Finland 1st October 2010
Estonia 8th October 2010
France 20th October 2010
Malaysia 4th November 2010
Philippines 4th November 2010
Hong Kong 4th November 2010
Germany 25th November 2010

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 6, 2010


Scott Pilgrim international trailer

The new Scott Pilgrim international trailer has just been released with a few new scenes including an extra scene with Brandon Routh.

Scott Pilgrim Evil Exe’s movie poster

Six awesomely epic Scott Pilgrim movie posters featuring the seven evil exe’s. I hope she was worth it Scott!

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