Scott Pilgrim Evil Exe’s movie poster

No relationship is smooth from the start and we all have to work hard to get the girl. Scott Pilgrim needs to fight hsi way through seven evil eve’s for his love.

Personally even I have to say even if Megan Fox came knocking on the door I would have to draw the line at going head to head with Superman, Captain America and Johnny Storm aka the Human torch.

Below are the six promotional posters for the movie featuring each of the evil Exe’s

Scott Pilgrim Evil Ex cast

I think we will have to wait till the 13th August release date to find out who play Kyle and Ken as the internet let me down on that part of the research.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 12, 2010


Scott Pilgrim international trailer

The new Scott Pilgrim international trailer has just been released with a few new scenes including an extra scene with Brandon Routh.

Scott Pilgrim release date

One of the dark horses of comic book movies this year isn’t too far away. Scott Pilgrim’s release date looks to differ several months depending where you are.

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