Scott Pilgrim international trailer

I didn’t think I could be any more sold on this movie, but then they release a new international movie trailer with a few extra comical scenes.

It’s a sure sign that comics have taken over Hollywood I just hope it doesn’t mean we see more and more comics made just for a movie. When it comes to SP though you know when it started they would never have been able to guess how popular it could become as a cult classic.

The new trailer features a few more shots of Chris Evans the soon to be Captain America and Brandon Routh the last Superman. It’s a great cast and the latest trailer shows just how slapstick funny this is going to be.

The release date for Scott Pilgrim is still set for a main 13th August release and the rumoured 6th August UK release date looks to be pushed back to the 13th too.

Posted by Adi Mursec on June 17, 2010


Scott Pilgrim Evil Exe’s movie poster

Six awesomely epic Scott Pilgrim movie posters featuring the seven evil exe’s. I hope she was worth it Scott!

Scott Pilgrim release date

One of the dark horses of comic book movies this year isn’t too far away. Scott Pilgrim’s release date looks to differ several months depending where you are.

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