Space Jockey will feature in Prometheus

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With Prometheus bringing back the Aliens franchise to where it should be in Ridley Scott’s hand we all get the more than welcome return of the Space Jockey. But who or what is the Space Jockey.

The Space Jockey otherwise known as “Mala’kak” or ‘Mundus gubernavi” was featured in the original movie in it’s derelict space craft. All was left was it’s remains and a bunch of unhatched alien eggs.

These Space Jockeys resembled the Alien creatures in some ways but were once a highly advanced scientific race. It’s thought that the Predator’s attacked the Mala’kak home planet and in retaliation they created the Aliens by splicing DNA. The original Aliens then killed the Predators and the last of the Mala’kak fell my the unrelenting beasts they created.

Well that’s the current status of the Mala’kak and until the movie is released in June we won’t know what else Ridley Scott has planned.

Ridley Scott may also be using the Space Jockey to build a prequel to the prequel as in the Mala’kak lies the true origin of the Aliens.

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 14, 2012

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