Extended HD trailer for Prometheus and first Alien image

The official full length HD movie trailer for this years Prometheus movie has been released and it brings the Aliens prequel into the running for possibly the best movie of 2012.

The new Prometheus promo gives new and old school fans of the Aliens movies an amazing look at the movie from Ridley Scott. It’s not only being directed by the best Sci-fi Director of all time but will also have a kick ass cast along with a story fans have been waiting to see for 20 years.

The trailer also has the first official image of the space jockey which is rumored to be part of the alien races who created the Aliens.

Although all the Aliens movies apart from maybe Resurrection were amazing sci-fi movies none have ever touched of the true origin of the Aliens. In Prometheus a team of explorers are in search for the beginning of human life and end up finding something that may end it all. A genetically modified war machine capable of adapting to any environment.

Not too far away from its June 1st 2012 release date hopefully we will see a few more spoilers in the next few months.

Posted by Adi Mursec on March 18, 2012


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