Prometheus Release Date

2012 could not come any sooner, With the Dark Knight, Avengers, Spider-man and now Prometheus coming out in the same year it’s going to be a huge year for comic book cinema.

The release dates for Prometheus are fairly staggered between May and September 2012. Even different parts of Switzerland will have to wait due to the translation process.

What makes the movie so huge is the return of Ridley Scott to the Aliens franchise. It was the ultimate and defining movie of the whole sci-fi horror genre. It’s strayed from its original heart pounding movies and merged with the Predator series since Ridley Scott last touched it. Ridley Scott comes back to put it on track with an amazing cast.

Country Date
France 30th May 2012
Belgium 30th May 2012
Netherlands 30th May 2012
Switzerland 3th0 May 2012 (French speaking region)
Israel 31st May 2012
Finland 1st June 2012
Norway 1st June 2012
Sweden 1st June 2012
Turkey 1st June 2012
UK 1st June 2012
Hong Kong 7th June 2012
Australia 7th June 2012
Portugal 7th June 2012
Russia 7th June 2012
Brazil 8th June 2012
Canada 8th June 2012
Chile 8th June 2012
Lithuania 8th June 2012
Poland 8th June 2012
Spain 8th June 2012
USA 8th June 2012
Germany 9th August 2012
Switzerland 9th August 2012 (German speaking region)
Italy 14th September 2012
Switzerland 14th September 2012 (Italian speaking region)

Posted by Adi Mursec on December 31, 2011


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