Green Lantern movie books

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The covers of four new Green Lantern Movie tie-in books have been released to help build up a bit more interest in the movie before the June 17th 2011 release date.

Two of the books seems to be story books based on the movieverse version of Hal Jordan and the other two feature a Kilowog Sticker book and easily the most sort after the “Power of the Lantern” book which will contain six paper models to build.

Unfortunately the books aren’t due for release till mid May 2011 but they will be well worth keeping an eye out for.

If you need a quicker Green Lantern fix before May check out the trailer from a few weeks back.

Green Lantern movie books

  • Hal Jordan Defender of Earth
  • For Green Lanterns only
  • Power of the Lanterns – 6 Paper Models
  • Kilowogs Challenge

Posted by Adi Mursec on January 9, 2011

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